About (so you’ll know who is writing all this)

My name is Joan, and I live in Oregon with my two daughters.  I recently landed a great job, which I love, as a 911 call taker/dispatcher at a rather large agency near my hometown.

I started blogging a few years ago, and have another blog (Psalms 68:5 – Restoral) which I have left up but may take down eventually.  When I started blogging it was right after the death of my husband, and my focus was the grief and the grieving process we were going through at that time.

Fast forward three years later, and I have “turned a page” – so hence, the new blog and it’s name “Starting Over … Again.”  Not just a nod to the restart of my blogging, but a way of saying that I was ready to move past the grief and begin again, in earnest, to pick up the pieces of life and move on.

So this blog is about the everyday stuff.  The little changes and the big changes.  Nothing too earth-shattering.

But I hope that you enjoy the musings contained herein.


5 thoughts on “About (so you’ll know who is writing all this)”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband. I think it is great you are blogging again. I recently joined the Blogging world and I really enjoy it. People are friendly and welcoming!!

    I pray God continues to watch over your family as you move forward!!

    Blessings, Jared

  2. I always love finding fellow bloggers from Oregon! What part of Oregon are you in? 🙂

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