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(Here’s the beginning of this post – Why I Blog (in case you were curious) – Part 1)

The biggest reason that I blog?  I like to write; I always have.  And I need to vent and share.  I want to get my thoughts out and examine them, roll them around, “air them out” and acknowledge them.  And it has become a bit of a personal challenge for me; to put myself out there and write about my life.

Nothing I write about is going to change the world.  It’s just thoughts and experiences that are unique to me; or at least, the way I choose to express them is unique.  No one else will choose exactly the same words to convey the same feelings and experiences.  No one else sees the world quite like I do, through my singular set of past “life experiences.”

That’s just a fancy way of saying I am unique, one of a kind … “special.”  😉

I think all my life experiences have given me a unique perspective on life.  My life, anyway.  Being a widow and a mom gives you a different outlook on things.  For example, you get used to doing for yourself.  You become more self-sufficient.  It’s not that family and friends aren’t willing to help; they will if I ask.  But sometimes it’s a matter of pride – I admit that.  I don’t want to be perceived as “needy.”  And to be honest, after three years I sometimes forget that I still can ask for help.

Speaking of needy …  see my next post for my thoughts on THAT subject.  😉