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As I am becoming more active in my blogging, and checking out blogs and posts by more experienced bloggers, I keep running into articles about time management in blogging, and how to set up a schedule for your blog posts.  I thought this would be a good topic for me to research a bit for myself, and then maybe write about it for my Tuesday post.

Scheduling a Blog Posting Calendar

Scheduling a Blog Posting Calendar

So here are a few links (hopefully, helpful) for putting together a schedule for blogging, and perhaps allowing us all to maintain balance in the rest of our lives.  Because let’s faced it, blogging can become very time-consuming (as I am finding out this past week.)

One Woman Marketing – A great post about creating and sticking to a blog schedule, plus she has free templates.

12 Blog Post Tips To Rock Your Editorial Calendar – by Heidi Cohen, Marketing Expert and 3- year blogger.

How To Create and Manage An Editorial Calendar – Rebekah Radice, a social media marketing consultant.  Free downloads!

This is just a very short list of a few places to find information.  I found more articles and information than I could ever use, but I found much of the information is the same regardless of the site you go to.

The main ideas that I have started to use are:

  • Have a theme for each day of the week that you want to blog.  I started doing this “instinctively” (because it was just easier for me to have a topic already decided for me each day) – who knew that is one of the ideas mentioned frequently in the articles I read!  I was born to blog!  OK, wait … forget I just said that.  🙂
  • I use the scheduler in WordPress ALL THE TIME.  I may have an idea for two or three blogs on a certain topic, so I will write them while I have a chance and then schedule them to post at a certain time.  I do this most frequently with my Wordless Wednesday posts.  I may find two or three pictures that I want to share, so I upload the photos and get them all ready to post, then schedule them to post on consecutive Wednesdays.  Saves time, and I know I have a post or two “in my hip pocket.”
  • Hootsuite!  OK, this more for social media than a blog, and honestly I just use it for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  But I am finding it’s a real time saver.  I don’t prepare blog posts there, but it does help me to schedule posts for Twitter and my blog’s Facebook page.  And that helps me promote my blog, and stay engaged with other bloggers and my readers.

There are many more tips to be shared, and I know there is much more to learn.  Maybe another post about scheduling sometime in the near future?  😉

So share … what is your “go to” advice for scheduling your blog posts?  What has helped you the most in maintaining a busy blogging schedule and a balanced home life?  Please post a comment below to share with the rest of us.  Thanks!

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