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I passed the Criticall Exam!  (insert the sounds of the hallelujah Chorus being sung right here.)

What a relief!  I have had this on the fringes of my mind for the last week, ever since I took the test last Wednesday.  Having the thought recur and swirl through my mind at odd times during each day, “I wonder how I did.  Did I type fast enough when entering the data?  How was my accuracy?  Did I read the maps correctly during that part of the test?  Did I make any stupid mistakes, and check one box when I meant to check the other?”

There has been lots of prayer for the past 6 or so days, and lots of checking my email to see if I had passed.

And then this morning, just 10 minutes ago, up pops the email notification – I have a new email in my inbox.  And there it was – “Congratulations, you have passed the Criticall phase of testing.  You will be contacted in September for an oral interview.”  🙂

I think dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate with my daughters is in my future.

What has been a milestone or achievement for you lately?  Leave a comment so we can share.  🙂